Smiling Irish Eyes

Am pleased to mention that I’ve been booked to perform a set of Irish music on St. Patrick’s Day! Powers Pub in Clifton Park, one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day venues in the area, has opened up The Barn on their property for the celebration. This is a gorgeous building on-site used for weddings and other celebrations; the pictures on their site are beautiful. I’m told The Barn seats 90 and that reservations will be needed. My performance there will be at 5:00pm or following; details are being sorted at the moment.

I first started investigating and learning Irish songs (traditional and otherwise) prior to our trip to Ireland in October of 2019. This tour was hosted by Larry Kirwan of Black 47 fame and was a marvelous time. I did bring a guitar (the trusty Seagull 12-string, veteran of many trips) and did play for the group a number of songs (some Irish, mostly my standard repertoire) during the party on the last evening of the tour.

So, yeah, I’m brushing up and padding out the Irish songs in my list. I’m finding I’m less of a cry-in-your-beer sort of guy (although I’m told Danny Boy is pretty much a must), and more of a let’s-rock-this-place guy. Strap in and top off your pint; it’s going to be a great ride.

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