“So what do you play?”

Added a page to the site to answer the question I get asked the most. Basically I typically play an eclectic mix of classic acoustic rock, with some oddities from my heavier tastes (think Godsmack, Great White, and Porcupine Tree). One of the biggest influences on my performance career has been Tom Petty (God rest ye easy, sir); so many good songs from him.

Also added a table to that page listing the current raft of Irish songs in the list. Karen and I went on a tour to Ireland in 2019, and I’d begun working on some of the traditional folk songs in case I got an opportunity play there (I did play, but not with the locals and not the trad stuff. Next time). This year I got an opportunity to play a full length gig on St. Patrick’s Day at a lovely place in Clifton Park, and I’m pleased to say that it went very well (likely far and away the most sober I’ve been on the day in a damn long time). I’ve fallen in love with some of these songs and will perform them every chance I get.

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